Zapco Vending
Sales and Service

• Used machines
• Repair services
• Refurbishing Machines

Used Machines:
We follow a principle we call Constant Improvement. We continually seek to improve our vending route by identifying and implementing any possible improvement. Part of this process is to cycle our oldest machines out of our business and cycle in newer ones. We thus have machines that we would like to sell at reasonable prices. Call us, we are happy to discuss your needs with you.

Repair services:
We have over 40 years of experience working with machinery and computer controlled equipment with 20+ of those years dedicated to the vending industry. We are skilled in trouble shooting and repairing vending equipment. Our hourly rate is $50/hr with a minimum charge of $25. Most requests to evaluate your problem can be completed in ½ hr or less and in most cases repaired in the same time frame without the need for parts. If parts and labor will be required we will provide an estimate. If you allow us to schedule a service call at our convenience during our normal route travels then we will not need to add a trip charge. Normally if you call us before 9 AM it will be same day service. Calls after 9 AM will probably be next day service in order to avoid trip charges.

Refurbishing Machines:
Occasionally we will purchase vending machines that are broken and then fix them and either use them or sell them. If you no longer want your used or broken vending machine give us a call as we might have an interest. We might also just sell you a part so that you can fix your machine yourself.

Zapco Enterprises has been in business since 1990 doing business in the Fort Collins and Loveland areas. We focus on providing quality basic vending service to small and midsized businesses. We currently have about 100 machines out in service. We only average a total of 2 service calls per month related to machine malfunctions.

Currently we have several pop machines and snack machines available.

Contact us for more details at or call 970-689-2995